GREAT PACIFIC GROUP provides customized foodservice distribution solutions for popular restaurant chains in the quick service and casual family dining segments as well as the regional restaurant concept market. GREAT PACIFIC GROUP is part of the Services Group of Pacific (SGP) Family of Companies that specializes in bringing top quality products and services to the entire foodservice industry. That family includes broadline distributor Food Services of Pacific, fresh produce marketer PacificFreshest, custom cut meat processor PacificMeat and supply chain efficiency and logistics expert.

GREAT PACIFIC GROUP is the professional run company with extensive experience in delivering business benefits to our customers through global sourcing solution tailored specifically for each business requirement. Even though we support our customers in many industries, our strength has been developed mainly from food industry.

You'll see our distinctly representation throughout the pacific, visiting our customers which are some of the most well-known in the country. Our customers have trusted us since 1980’s to support their success through our consistently accurate and timely deliveries.


Our Mission…

We safely provide our customers with the highest level of service in our industry. We are our customers’ primary foodservice distributor, working in a partnership to achieve mutually beneficial goals. Our most valuable resource is our Associates, whose commitment, teamwork and expertise determine our success.

GREAT PACIFIC GROUP is your trusted systems foodservice distribution partner.


Our Value Proposition …

Our value proposition is unique and purely based on the actual business benefits delivered to our customers in many aspects from cost, quality to service. We deliver what we say.

 We start our services by:

- understanding the business challenges from the customers

- identifying the potential solutions by working with our global partners network 

- developing the cost and business benefits and get alignment with customers

- and delivering the initiatives/innovations to sustain the business benefits realization for our customers 


We measure the success of our company by measuring the actual business benefits delivered to our customers. This will ensure the stronger partnership with all our stakeholders.